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Website Forms are lead generation forms that are placed on your website so that your customers may contact you. These forms allow your customer's information to feed directly into BridalLive, eliminating manual double-entry of their information.

You do NOT want to use ALL of these forms, only the forms that make sense for your business.  Most commonly used forms are the Appointment Request Form/Appointment Scheduler, Feedback Form, Interview and Testimonials widget.

This article will walk you through setting up your forms.  After that, you will need to install the forms on your website. READ THIS ARTICLE FOR INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

General Settings

This is where you will determine the colors of your web forms. 
You may also enter an email address that will receive notifications upon web form submissions.

Lead Form Long/Short

The difference between the LONG and SHORT Lead Forms is the amount of information the customer must enter to submit the form. You may preview each form by clicking the PREVIEW button next to Embedded Form Code.

Appointment Request Form

The Appointment Request Form allows your website visitors to REQUEST appointments at your store. These requests will only be added to your calendar if you APPROVE them. If you are looking for a real time scheduler, use the Appointment Scheduler instead.

Appointment Hours: Specify the window of time that you would like to make available for appointment requests. You may want to specify an end time that is the last available appointment time for the day to keep website visitors from requesting an appointment at closing time.

Appointment Scheduler

The Appointment Scheduler uses BridalLive's custom Smart Book algorithm to determine your store's availability at any given point in time. Here is a link to an in-depth article on How the Smart Book algorithm works.

As noted in the Smart Book article, several settings must be complete and accurate for the Appointment Scheduler to function properly. These are:
  1. Fitting Rooms
  2. Associate Schedules
  3. Type of appointments that your associates are able to handle
  4. Associates work schedule

Interview Form

The Interview Form is sent to your customers who have an appointment scheduled with your store, upon booking an appointment. The pre-loaded Appointment Confirmation and Appointment Reminder email templates have links to the Interview form. Typically these emails are sent automatically via a Smart Flow.

Feedback Form

The Feedback Form is typically sent at the end of an appointment to your customer. The pre-loaded Feedback Request email template contains a link to the feedback form. Typically this is sent automatically via a Smart Flow by using the "Complete an appointment" trigger.


Once placed on your website, the Testimonials form will display all "published" feedback within BridalLive. After a customer has submitted their Feedback Form you may publish their feedback and it will appear on your website. Before publishing you will have the ability to review the feedback and even edit it.

As with any settings in BridalLive, we highly recommend that you test each form by using the preview button so that you may accurately choose the forms that work best for your business.
Your web designer should be able to add any of these forms to your website for you, using the Embed Form Code.

Now that you've configured the forms that you would like to use on your site, it's time to install the forms on your site.  Click Here for an article with video and written instructions.

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