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There are several things that can be imported into BridalLive quickly using our import templates.  You are able to import Contacts, Inventory Items, Vendors & Departments.

For a complete walk through of importing data into BridalLive, watch our video tutorial below to see how to import Items.  Once you learn how to import items, you'll be able to follow the same principles for importing Vendors, Departments and Contacts!

If you are too busy to fuss with adding inventory & contacts and would like for someone at BridalLive to do it instead, we'd be happy to.  Pricing for our Setup Packages can be found on the Pricing Page.  If you have any questions about these setup packages, feel free to call us or email

Everything has it's own Import Template.  They are listed below for your convenience.

Template for Adding Contacts
Template for Adding Departments
Template for Adding Vendors
Template for Adding Inventory Items (US & Canada)
Template for Adding Inventory Items (UK)
Template Updating Inventory Items

Importing Contacts
To access the Import Contacts feature navigate to Contacts > Search Contacts > Import

Importing Items
To access the Import Items feature navigate to Items > Search Items > Import

Importing Vendors
To access the Import Vendors feature navigate to Vendors > Search Vendors > Import

Importing Departments
To access the Import Departments feature navigate to Departments > Search Departments > Import

Uploading Data into BridalLive
Once you have found the appropriate template and added your contacts/items/vendors/departments to the template, then next step is to load the information into BridalLive.
  1. Navigate to the the appropriate search screen (Search Items, Search Contacts, etc)
  2. Click the "Import" button
  3. Select Create NEW Records or UPDATE Exisiting Records (applies to Items only)
  4. Click "Browse" and select the file that you've entered your data into 
  5. Click Import
**If you have any errors in your spreadsheet, BridalLive will let you know in the errors box

VERY IMPORTANT NOTES about populating your template:
  1. The Items template has 3 examples rows to help you understand how to import. The 1st row shows all fields populated and displays how each field should be formatted.  The 2nd row shows you only the REQUIRED fields.  The 3rd row is an example of a Prom Item with the Prompt To Register setting turned on.
  2. Departments Codes, Vendor Codes, Tax Codes, Item Types must match EXACTLY what is in BridalLive. For example, if you have a department code of BG (for Bridal Gowns), your spreadsheet must show that exactly, same capital/lower case letters, same spelling, same spacing, etc. If it does not match exactly, the data will not import. 

Many stores ask us how to handle their PENDING transactions. There are 2 ways to handle this:
  1. Transfer all of your pending sales. You can back-date all transactions & payments in BridalLive. Be sure to run all reports from the date you actually started using BridalLive. This is the recommended method.
  2. Use both BridalLive & your old system simultaneously until all pending transactions have been closed (not recommended).

Need help exporting data from another program? Email us.

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