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End of Day Procedure

Following the end of day procedure listed below will help you keep your system organized and accurate.

Step #1: Close all Pending Appointments

Closing they day's pending appointments is essential to maintaining accurate records on the outcomes of each appointment in your shop.  If you get in the habit of doing this daily, you will be able to run appointment reports at the end of the year (or quarter) that show you how many no-shows, cancellations, etc have ben happening on the shop.  When you have a way to measure no-shows, you can start to make adjustments in your marketing to reduce the number of no-shows.

To close out your appointments, follow these steps: 
  • View your calendar for the current day
  • Open each appointment and choose either Complete, Mark as No-Show, or Mark as Canceled.
  • Don't leave any appointments pending, that have occurred in the past.

Step #2: Reconcile Payments

Next you will want to reconcile the payments you've received with what has been recorded in BridalLive.  You will do this using the Receipt Journal which is located under Reports > Sales Reports > Payment Journal.

Run the Payment Journal for the current day and match up each payment received with either a check, credit card receipt or cash.

If you process credit cards through BridalLive, then you will also want to login to your Merchant Portal and match up each payment with a credit card payment in BridalLive.

Step #3: Balance cash in drawer

Next you will want to bring your cash drawer up to balance again. If you are used to keeping $250 in the cash drawer in various denominations, you will need to replenish or remove cash in the drawer to bring it back into balance.

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