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Canceled Orders

From time to time a customer will cancel their order after having already made a payment.  Many formal wear stores do not offer refunds especially for special order wedding gowns but special cases do occur.  
This article will describe the best ways to handle a canceled order.  These are:
  1. Canceling an order with no refund
  2. Canceling an order with partial refund
  3. Canceling an order with a fee (i.e. restocking fee)

Canceling an Order with No Refund

When an order is canceled, you still want to "complete" the sales order to clear it off of your pending list and also to account for the income. However, you cannot complete an order with a balance due.  

In order to rectify this situation you will want to create a "Canceled Order" item in the item list and use this item to complete the order.

Here are the steps to cancel an order using the "Canceled Order" item technique.
  1. Select Inventory > Click "Add Item" (only if you do not already have this item in your item list)
  2. Enter "Canceled Order" as the Item Name with a price of 0 and a tax code of "No Tax"
  3. Return to the Special Order that you would like to cancel
  4. Remove the items that the customer originally ordered from the Special Order
  5. Add the Canceled Order item to the order
  6. Adjust the price of the item to match the amount of the payment
  7. The balance due will now be $0.00
  8. Make any notes that you might need to remember what happened to this order
  9. Complete the Special Order
Using this approach, allows you to track the total number of Canceled Orders using the Reports module or the Point of Sale Smart Filter > Transactions Containing an Item.

Canceling with Partial Refund

Sometimes you want to refund a portion of the customer's initial deposit when the order is canceled.  When this happens, follow the steps outlined in "Canceling Order with No Refund".  

Next you will need to give the partial refund. To do this, you will add a negative payment to the Special Order.  This indicates that you gave a refund.  Then, you will just need to adjust the price of the Canceled Order item until the Balance Due is equal to 0.

To add a negative payment, click on Payments and in the amount field, put a minus ('-') in front of the amount that you want to refund to the customer.  If you are using the integrated merchant account, BridalLive will automatically issue a credit card refund when the card is swiped.

Canceling an Order & Charging a Fee (i.e. restocking fee)

If you would like to allow a customer to cancel an order, but want to charge them a fee, first follow the steps in the "Canceling an order with no refund" section.

After doing that, you will want to create an item called "Cancellation Fee" or "Restocking Fee" using the same technique used to add the "Canceled Order" item.  Once the item is created, add the item to the order and adjust the price to match the amount of the fee.

You will then need to take additional payment from the customer.

Once the balance due is $0, you can complete the Special Order.
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