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Moving Pending Orders from your old system

When you move to BridalLive, you will first import your inventory, department and vendors.  However, your pending Point of Sale transactions need to be manually entered. 

In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

First, let's make sure we are on the same page.  
A pending order is any transaction that you've taken money for, but have yet to fulfill.  These are the only orders you will bring over from your old system.
  1. For every pending order in your old system, you'll create a Special Order or Layaway in BridalLive.
  2. When entering the order into BridalLive, you will set the Transaction Date to be the date that the order was originally created in your old system.
  3. If payments were received for the order, add those into BridalLive as well with a payment date matching the date that the payment was originally taken. To do this, click the "Payments" button, enter the amount, select the payment method, select the original payment date, and click "Add Payment"
That's it.  When you are done, your Pending Special Orders & Layaways in BridalLive should match all of the pending orders you had in your old system.

One important note here relates to Sales Tax.  BridalLive follows the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and makes Sales Tax payable when you deliver the goods to the customer (i.e. when you Save and Complete the order In BL).

This means that if you have already paid Sales Tax on the pending orders that you are moving over to BridalLive, then you'll want to be sure to back out that Sales Tax for future payments.  You will want to consult your CPA or Bookkeeper for the best way to do this for your business.
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