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BridalLive has a very flexible Inventory and Point of Sale system that allows you to ring up customers for alterations services in a couple of different ways. 

There are essentially 2 ways to handle Alterations with BridalLive.  
  1. ​Using multiple items for each alteration service (i.e custom hem, bustle, etc)
  2. One generic alterations item for all alterations services (most popular)

Using multiple items for each alteration service

Some store owners prefer to enter all of the different alteration services into the system. With this approach, you would create an item in the Item List for all of the various alterations services that you offer (i.e. hem, bustle, side seam, neckline change, added straps/sleeves, etc).  

Before doing this, create an Alterations department and assign each of the items to that department.  

Pricing Options for Alterations:
  • Fixed Pricing: Specify the pricing on the item screen in the regular price field. ie Hem = $100, Straps = $20
  • Variable Pricing: If the pricing varies depending on the work involved you might opt to leave the price at $0. Then adjust the price at the time of sale by clicking into the adjusted price column on the Special Order/Sale screen. You can still specify a retail price, if you prefer to include something. 

One Generic Alterations Item for all alterations services

Some store owners prefer to keep things simple and just create 1 item in the Item List called "Alterations" with a price of $0.  Then at the time of sale, they simply adjust the price on the Special Order/Sale screen to match the cost for those alterations.

NOTE: Remember to choose an Item Type of SERVICE for your Alterations Items
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