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Change Sales Tax Rate

From time to time, your state may change the sales tax rate.  This article discusses how to move to the new sales tax rate.

This is a 4 step process:
  1. Create your new tax code
  2. Update all your items to the new tax code (using the Bulk Action)
  3. Update your pending Transactions (if necessary)
  4. Remove your old Tax Code

Create the new Tax Code with your new Tax Rate

  1. Click Settings > Point of Sale > Tax Code
  2. Click "Add Tax Code"
  3. Enter "Sales Tax - New" for the description and the new tax rate percent
  4. Click Save and Close

Update your Items

  1. Go to Inventory -> Search Items **You will have to go department by department if you have some items that are not taxable.  For Instance, if you have Alterations Items that do not have tax assigned, you wouldn't want to assign the new tax code to them, so you'll need to filter by each department to assign the tax codes.
  2. Select the Department you want to update the Tax Code on
  3. Select your old Tax Code from the Tax Code dropdown field 
  4. Change your Status field from Active to All
  5. Set the '# of Entries' to show All
  6. Select the top check box to select All Active Items
  7. Click Bulk Actions, then choose Change Tax Code. 
  8. Select the "Sales Tax - New" tax code 
Repeat steps 2 - 8 for all of the Departments that you want to update.

*** Tip: Make sure that your filter criteria is set correctly so that you update all of the items needed.  Specifically, be sure that the '# of Entries' to show is set to "All"

Update Pending Transactions (optional)

The next step is optional depending on if you want to charge customers who have already placed orders with you the old tax rate or the new one.  You will want to check with your accountant to make sure that you are complying with your states regulations on this.

To do this, navigate to Point of Sale > Search Transactions and filter by Pending.  Then go in to each transaction and change the tax code on each line item.

Remove the old Tax Code

Once the old tax code is no longer in use, you can delete it or make it inactive.

Delete Tax Code:
  1. Go back to the Tax Code Settings area (Settings > Point of Sale > Tax Code)
  2. Click "Delete" next to the tax code you would like to remove
Make Tax Code Inactive:
  1. Go back to the Tax Code Settings area (Settings > Point of Sale > Tax Code)
  2. Select 'Edit' next to the Tax Code you would like to make Inactive
  3. Set Status to Inactive
  4. Save and Close
As always, when performing Bulk Updating, it is best to test a few items first.
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