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Printing Labels & Tags

You can easily print Avery 5160, Avery 5167, and DYMO labels in BridalLive. It only takes a few simple steps and you will be on your way to printing your labels. 

Labels can be printed in BridalLive 2 ways:
  1. Print Label from the Item Search
  2. Print Labels from the Receiving Voucher
  3. Print Labels from the Item Detail screen

Printing Labels from the Item Search

This is the most common way to print your labels.  It allows you to search for specific items and print just a few labels at a time.
  1. Go to Inventory > Search Items
  2. Filter the list to show the Items for which you would like to print labels (this can be any number)
  3. Make sure the # of entries shown is marked as ALL
  4. Select the items for which you want to print labels
  5. Bulk Actions -> Print Labels -> Choose your settings & Click Print


Printing Labels from Receiving Voucher

This method of printing labels is used when receiving stock merchandise and you are preparing it for the floor.
  1. Receive your items as usual
  2. Select the items for which you would like to print labels
  3. Click Print Labels button in the bottom corner right-hand corner

Printing Labels from the Item Detail Screen

If you want to just print the label for 1 item, you also have the option of doing so from the Item Detail screen.
  1. Go to Inventory > Search Items
  2. Click "Edit" next to the Item you'd like to print the label for
  3. Click the "Print Label" button.

Example Labels

There are 2 sizes of labels that can be printed from BridalLive using Avery labels and 3 sizes of labels that can be printed from BridalLive using the Dymo Label printer. The Avery 5160 and Dymo (1 1/8 x 3 1/2) labels are larger and contain more information while the Avery 5167 and Dymo (3/4 x 2) labels are smaller and contain less information. The Dymo Shipping Label (2 1/8" x 4") is the largest label that can be printed and can only be printed using the Dymo Label printer. This label will print the range of available sizes and the available colors from the Item Information screen.
See the examples below for information on what prints out from BridalLive:

Dymo Shipping (2 1/8" x 4") Label Layout 

Avery 5160 and Dymo Large (1 1/8 x 3 1/2) Label Layout

Avery 5167 and Dymo Small (3/4 x 2) Label Layout

For more information on the Dymo Label printer, see our recommend hardware article.

Please note: If you are using a barcode reader other than the recommended scanners, you may have to configure the reader to read Code128 bard codes with a minimum length of 1.  Please refer to your owners manual or contact the scanner's tech support. 

Important Note about printing Avery labels
After you have clicked the print button to print your labels, you will see a few settings, there you will see an Option that will be pre-selected called "Fit to Page" in Google Chrome.  UNCHECK this box, DO NOT select fit to page. If you are using a browser other than Google Chrome and are having troubles with the Avery labels not fitting correctly in the box, you will need to make sure that the page sizing is set to 100% for your printer settings.

If you are having issues with the alignment of your tags when printing, the reason most likely is that you have the "fit to page" box selected.
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