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Yahoo, Gmail and AOL Email Providers

Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL recently changed its authentication policy, and the change could impact delivery of emails that come from these email addresses. That means if you send an email and your from address is a personal or business address at,, or, there’s an increased chance your emails will go to spam or bounce.

Why is this happening? In an attempt to stop fraudulent emails, these email providers changed their DMARC authentication policy to reject emails that claim to come from these email clients but actually originate at non-Yahoo/Gmail/AOL servers. For more information on the DMARC authentication protocol, check out this DMARC primer from Laura Atkins at Word to the Wise.

With this change, using a, a, or an "from" address when sending through an email service provider like BridalLive will make the email look fraudulent, even if it’s not. And that could result in emails being rejected by the receiving server, or sent to spam. Even though they made this change internally on its side, it will affect receiving servers who respect DMARC policies.

The best solution is to use an email address at a private domain you control, like Email protocols allow custom from addresses, even if the email is not actually being sent from that domain. This change will certainly be inconvenient for some, but they are well within their rights to make this change – it will ultimately benefit the entire email community by reducing fraud and spam.

Once you make the change to a private domain you control, you can also choose to have your email domain verified which will improve sending even more. If you are interested in BridalLive helping you with this, you can take a look at our Marketing Package
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