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When Quantity On Hand adjustments are made

BridalLive allows you manage a list of items that you have sell.  We call this your "Item List" and it is accessible by clicking "Search Items" inside of the Inventory Module.

Additionally, BridalLive adjusts the Quantity on Hand (QOH) of these items automatically so that you always know the current value of the items in your store (i.e. physical inventory).  

QOH is only adjusted automatically for items with the Item Type of Inventory Item.  Items marked as Rental, Service and Non-Inventory will have a QOH of 0 and it remains 0 at all times.

Listed below are the situations under which BridalLive adjust the QOH for an item.

QOH is decreased
  1. When the "Checkout" button is clicked on a Sale transaction.  
  2. When a Special Order or Layaway is completed by clicking the "Complete" button on the Special Order/Layaway Screen
  3. When the "Actions > Mark as > Picked Up" feature is used on a Special Order Or Layaway Line Item. 
  4. When a completed Receiving Voucher is deleted.  BridalLive will reverse the adjustment that was made when receiving the RV.  Please note that when deleting a PO, BridalLive will also delete any associated Receiving Vouchers.
  5. When a Return is deleted.
  6. When someone manually edits the Item and reduces the Quantity On Hand value on the Item Detail Screen.

QOH is increased
  1. When a Receiving Voucher is completed by clicking "Save and Complete" on the Receiving Voucher Screen
  2. When the "Process Return" button is clicked on a Return transaction.  
  3. When a Sale is deleted
  4. When a completed Special Order or completed Layaway is deleted.
  5. When the "Mark as > On Order" or "Mark as > Awaiting Pickup" or "Mark as > In Alterations" feature is used on a Pending POS Transaction when the item was previously marked as "Picked Up".
  6. When someone edits the Item and increases the On Hand Quantity value on the Item Detail Screen.
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