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Marketplace Upload Instructions

This article will describe how to format your product data so that you can upload it to the BridalLive Marketplace.  

The closer your data matches our specifications, the faster we will be able to include your products in the Marketplace.

You have the option of uploading 4 files:
  1. Company Profile Spreadsheet - This file will contain the details about your company.  We'll include this information in your Profile screen on the Marketplace.  We have a sample template that will help you get started.
  2. Product Data Spreadsheet - This file will contain the details about each product.  See section called "Creating your Product Data Spreadsheet" for complete details.  We have a sample spreadsheet that will help you get started.
  3. Size Chart Spreadsheet (optional) - This file contains details about each of your size charts.  If you choose not to send this file, you will want to update the Size Description field in the product data spreadsheet to let your retailers know what sizes these items come in. For instance, you might specify a size description of 2-32.  To specify your Size Charts, use our sample size charts spreadsheet.
  4. Product Images zip file (optional) - This file contains all of the images for the products in the product spreadsheet.  This file is optional, because you have the ability to include a URL to the image in the product spreadsheet.  If you include the URL, we will obtain the image from that location. If you specify a file name, we will look in your zip file.  The files in this zip should not be organized into an folders.
Let's look at how to populate the spreadsheets with your data.

Creating your Product Data Spreadsheet

The product data spreadsheet contains all the details about your products.  We have a sample spreadsheet that you can populate with your product data. 

Each row in the spreadsheet will represent 1 product.  The columns in this spreadsheet should be filled out as follows (starred fields are required):
  • Category* - Specify a category for this product.  Valid categories are as follows: Accessories, Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaid Dresses, Formals, Headpieces, Flower Girl Dresses, Gifts, Jewelry, Lingerie, Mothers, Prom Dresses, Shoes, Undergarmet, Veils.  The spelling must be match the previous examples exactly.
  • Item Name* - This is how you refer to the product.  When a retailer creates a purchase order, the Item Name will be used to indicate which item they are ordering from you.
  • Collection  - If your company has multiple Collections, specify the collection name. For instance, Allure Bridals has the following collections: Allure, Couture, Romance, Modest, Women
  • Description - Provide a short description for this product.  For instance, you can include the fabric, any embellishments or season. Max length: 100 characters
  • Long Description - Use this field to provide more in-depth description of the product.  Max Length: 300 characters.
  • Colors - List out the colors that are available for this product.  Separate each color by a comma.  For instance: White,Ivory,Diamond White
  • Accent ColorList out the colors that are available for this product.  Separate each color by a comma.  For instance: Silver,White.  If your accent colors are dependent on the primary color, skip this section and enter the colors like this:  Ivory/Silver, White/Ivory to indicate color pairings.
  • Size Chart Name - If you supplied size charts with your product data, specify the Size Chart Name in this field
  • Size Description - Specify a short description for the sizes (i.e. 2-32).  If you do not specify a size chart name, this description will be used.  Max Length: 100 chars
  • Wholesale Cost* - The cost for your retailers to order this item. Do not include dollar signs or commas.
  • MSRP - Your suggested retail price.  Do not include dollar signs or commas.
  • Discontinued Date - If this product is set to be discontinued, specify the data in the following format MM/DD/YYYY
  • Status* - Active (A) or Discontinued (D)
  • Attributes - Many BridalLive clients like to search their inventory by attributes.  Help your retailers quickly locate your products by specifing 1 or more attributes.  The full attributes list is available at the bottom of this page.
  • Image URL or Name 1-5 - Include either the URL directly to the image or, if you have provided your images via zip file, specify the name of the image.

Creating your Size Charts Spreadsheet

Size charts can be specified in a spreadsheet similar to the way product data is specified.  Use our sample size charts spreadsheet to get started with your size charts.

The columns in this spreadsheet should be filled out as follows (starred fields are required):
  • Size Chart Name* - The name of the Size Chart. This is the same name that was specified in the Product Data Spreadsheet.  It must match exactly for the item the be linked up to it.  Repeat this name for every size in the group.
  • Size* - The size (i.e. 2, 4, 6, etc)
  • Bust - The bust measurement for this size.
  • Waist - The waist measurement for this size.
  • Hips - The waist measurement for this size.
  • Upcharge % - Optionally specify the upcharge for this size as a percent of the wholesale cost.
  • Upcharge $ - Optionally specify the upcharge for this size as a fixed dollar amount.

Creating your Product Images Zip file

If you did not specify a URL for each product in your product data spreadsheet, you will need to include zip file with all of your images instead.  This file should contains all of the images for your products.  Images must be less than 500k each.  High resolution photos are not optimal for the web and will result in your images loading slowly on your retailers computers.

To make things simple, include all of your images in one folder so that we can quickly locate them.

Available Product Attributes

Silhouettes - Ball Gown, Empire,Full A-Line, Mermaid, Sheath, Slim A-Line, Trumpet, Fit n Flare, Princess, Dropped Waist, Natural Waist, Separates, Slip, Basque

Necklines - Bateau, Cap Sleeves, Halter, Off the Shoulder, One Shoulder, Spaghetti Straps, Strapless, Sweetheart, Tank, V Neck, Illusion, Modest, Scoop, Sheer, Square, Long Sleeves, 3/4 Sleeves, Modified Sweetheart,

Fabrics - Charmeuse, Chiffon, Dupioni, Lace, Mikado, Organza, Satin, Shantung, Silk, Tulle, Taffeta, Crepe

Embellishments - Beading, Carriage, Embroidery, Lace, Pickups, Rouching, Low Back, Key Hole, Corset, Ruffles, Applique, Asymmetric

Trains - Cathedral, Chapel, Monarch, Removable, Sweep, Tea Length, Mini, High-Low, Short, Floor Length
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