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Multi-Store Copying Contacts

This article will cover how to copy contacts from your source location to the destination location using BridalLive's multi-store location feature. You will first need to have more than one BridalLive Elite Plan.

Copying a contact is merely a copy and BridalLive does not maintain a link to the original contact from the source location. This means the contacts are not synced between locations.  You will not be able to see purchase history, appointments, tasks etc of a contact from another location.

*Source location: Where the contact is
*Destination location: Where the contact is being copied to

What information is copied

  • Contact Profile
  • Event Details
  • Notes (if selected)

How duplicates are checked

As always, BridalLive will first look to see if a contact exists before attempting to add a new contact.  In the case of Multi-Store, BridalLive first looks to see if a matching Contact at the Destination Location exists before copying the information from the Source Location.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number

What happens when I choose to copy a contact?

There are 2 different scenarios that may arise when attempting to copy a contact from one location to another.  These 2 scenarios are outlined below.  Additionally, we describe how BridalLive reacts in each of these 2 scenarios.
  1. Contact does not exist at destination - If BridalLive does not find a duplicate and adds the contact to the destination location.  Before adding the contact, BridalLive will first attempt to find matching Associate Names, Categories and How Heards in the Destination Location.  You also have the option of choosing to Copy the Notes from the Contact Record at the Source Location.
  2. Duplicate found in Destination Location - If BridalLive finds a duplicate in the destination location, you will be shown a warning and no contact will be added
How to copy a contact to the destination location:
  • Log into your BridalLive Elite Plan
  • Go to Search Contacts:
  • Choose the source location from the Location dropdown at the top right
  • Once you choose the Location where the contact is that you want to copy, you will see the red Copy button next to the contact under Actions
  • If BridalLive doesn't find the contact in your destination location, the contact will be added
  • If BridalLive finds a duplicate, you will recieve a notification that this contact already exists in your destination location and contact will not be added

FAQs and Troubleshooting:
  • What do I do if I don't see the red Copy button next to my source location's contacts?​
    • Are you looking at the Contacts in the destination location or the source location?
      • If you are logged into Store #1 and your Search Contacts' location is set to Store #1, there will be no Copy button as you cannot copy contacts to yourself
      • You can only copy contacts from the source location to the destination location
    • Does the user name you are logged in with have the permissions to copy contacts?
      • Log in with a user who has access to BridalLive Settings
      • Go to User Roles:
      • Select Edit next to the role to update
      • Choose Contacts
      • Check the box next to Copy Contacts (Elite Plan Only)
  • I do not see the Location field on the Search Contacts screen
    • ​Do you have more than one BridalLive Elite plan?
      • ​To be able to use the Copy Contacts feature, you will need to have more than one BridalLive Elite plan
    • Have you setup your BridalLive Multi-Store feature?
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