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Marketing Package - What is included?

The BridalLive Marketing Package includes the following:
  • Add logo to emails/receipts
  • Web Forms installation 
  • Upgraded Smart Flows package
  • 6 new Email Templates
  • Verified Email Domain (improves delivery)
  • Video Tutorial of Setup

Add Logo to Emails/Receipts

We will upload your company's logo to BridalLive and also modify each email template to include your logo.  Completing this step will require that we receive a logo that is compatible with being displayed on the internet.

Web Forms Installation

The marketing package includes the installation of the following BridalLive Web Forms: Appointment Request (or Scheduler) Form, Interview Form, Feedback Form, and Testimonials Form.  This will provide a "seamless" look between your website and our forms.  After the forms are installed, we will update your email templates so that Brides can submit feedback or schedule follow up appointments by clicking the links inside of the emails.

Upgraded Smart Flows Package

BridalLive has helped hundreds of stores be more successful with Marketing and other processes. In this step, we will setup your Smart Flows with our pre-defined "Best Practice" Smart Flows.

6 New Email Templates

BridalLive comes with several email templates, but to make full use of the program, you will need a few more.  We will provide 6 new predefined email templates to your BridalLive. All email templates will have your logo at the top and will also include all html used to make the email templates look uniform with BridalLive's included email templates upon purchase.  
*NOTE: The BridalLive Marketing Package does not include email template customization (i.e. font changes, color changes, etc).  For those changes, a web designer should modify the new email templates after installation.

The 6 email templates added to your BridalLive account will coordinate with the updated Smart Flows. The updated Smart Flows will include setup for the generic appointments, along with extra steps added to the Smart Flows that already exist.

Newly Added Email Templates:
  • Blank Template - this is a blank email template with your store logo at the top and all footer information which includes store name, store address, phone number, and email address. You can use this blank email template to send emails to your brides on the fly with any custom text.
  • Generic Appointment Confirmation - use this email template send an appointment confirmation to contacts who have an appointment type other than bridal
  • Generic Appointment Reminder - use this email template send an appointment reminder to contacts who have an appointment type other than bridal
  • Generic Feedback Request -  use this email template send a feedback request to contacts who have a completed appointment type other than bridal. The feedback can be published to the Testimonials form if you'd like.
  • Generic No Show/Cancel - this email template will be used when any appointment is marked as a no show or a canceled appointment
  • Wedding Photos - this template asks your brides to send you photos of the wedding. This will go out after the bride has had time to receive her professional photos. 

Verified Email Domain

The world of email has gotten more and more complex thanks to hackers and spammers.  As a result, businesses are encouraged to setup what's call DKIM and SPF records for their domain to verify that they are who they say they are.  Without this, many of your emails will go to the spam folders of your customers.  Most store owners, don't want to waste time learning how to set this up.  As part of the Marketing Package, we will set up your verified domain and reduce the likelihood that your emails go to spam.

Video Tutorial of Setup 

When we are all done with the setup, we'll prepare a personalized video that shows you everything that we've done for you!  You'll want to keep this for future reference so that you can use it when you want to add more email templates or update your smart flows!
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